Auteursarchief: taorokende

Rooms available


Being part of a family of friends with an open door policy, cooking and eating together, chatting about almost everything and watching movies together comes to a reality when you live in Taorokende! We have some rooms available and would be glad to have you on 26th June, 2014 to get to know you and why you are interested in being part of our theme house on development cooperation. Send us a mail and hoping to see you there!


New residents


There are some rooms/studio ’s available for next year. So if you are looking for a room in a cosy house and to be involved in development cooperation and international solidarity together and organise together with the other residents some events during the year, please contact us!

We are organising an “open house” evening on the 23th of May. So if you ‘re interested please email us ( and hopefully see you then!



Taorokende presents: Can Art Emancipate?

In this interdisciplinary evening, KULeuven theme house Taorokende brings together four speakers that took part in initiatives aimed at exploring the emancipatory and empowering potentials of art & artistic expression. Free reception afterwards.

23-­‐04-­‐2013 19.30
Room AV 00.17, Social Sciences Campus, KU Leuven

Our speakers:

Katrien Van der Aa wrote her MA Thesis on Jamaican dub poetry. Currently she is working on a PhD research on dis-­‐courses of violence and resistance in Jamaican dub poetry and dancehall.

Ilse Wijnen teaches expressive arts and is a art historian. She is active in many artistic and educative projects for different organisations and leads KNEPH VZW.

Christophe Lardinois, is an active member of a Rasta-­‐Culture organization based in Kinshasa (Fédération des Rastas du Congo). He sees this organization as a way of
emancipating the youth interested in music.

Joachim Ben Yakoub studied pedagogy and social work. He works as a staff member for diversity at “de Pianofabriek” in Brussels. He is an active volunteer at “Kif Kif.”


Flyer: Can art emancipate